Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing at LHS:

LHS Guidance recommends all students take SATs. Students have to register online for the SAT Reasoning Test. Log on to to get yourself started. If your son/daughter already created an account they should log on to that account and NOT try to create a new one. If you are unable to remember your account information contact to the College Board directly via email or phone. Registration now includes uploading a picture with specific guidelines on what is acceptable due to enhanced security procedures from the College Board.

Most colleges accept the SAT and the ACT for the standardized testing requirement for admission. If your son/daughter would like to take the ACT they can sign up at and they should take the test with the optional writing section included.

The more competitive colleges may also require up to three SAT Subject Tests which can be taken in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. These tests are only offered at certain times throughout the year and are not available to take in conjunction with the Reasoning Test. Registration for subject tests is done online at (see the link listed above).

Standardized Testing for High School Students:
Students at Leicester Middle School currently take the Readi-Step Test, a collegeboard sponsored nationally normed standardized test. This test allows LHS data that can be evaluated on students regarding their progress as they go on to 10th, 11th and 12th grades at LHS. The Readi-Step test is given once a year to 8th graders.

Students currently take MCAS in 10th grade in Math, English and Biology. Scores on this test can qualify students for a diploma and can determine what courses a student may be able to sign up for in future years.

MCAS Scoring:
218 and below is Failing
220-238 is considered Needs Improvement (this is a "passing" mark)
240-258 is considered Proficient
260 + is considered Advanced

Leicester High School has continued to make AYP, Annual Yearly Progress, based on our improving MCAS scores.

Preliminary SATs (PSAT):
LHS has offered PSAT Testing free of charge to all 10th and 11th graders. PSAT results allow LHS to assess student benchmarks, individually as well as the aggregate, and curriculum regarding College Readiness. College Readiness is different from a minimal standard of knowledge needed for graduation. PSAT results give students a rough guide of what their SAT results will be, which can be helpful when evaluating colleges and determining what colleges to visit in Junior year. PSAT results are not published or issued to colleges, they offer students practice taking a 'high-stakes' timed test, juniors can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program, and they offer relevant and helpful information about possible honors and AP level courses a student might be successful in.

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