Post-Graduate Planning

The LHS Guidance Office strives to support each student in their journey of self discovery and to assist them in developing and achieving their educational and career goals. This is done by systematically delivering a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each student.

Freshmen & Sophomore Year:

The Guidance office meets with students in small groups in both their freshmen and sophomore years. Meetings with freshmen focus on addressing issues of transition from middle school and how to be successful in the high school setting, including being made aware of graduation and four year college requirements and how to be competitive in the admissions process. Guidance also has freshmen complete career interest surveys either online or in paper format so that students begin the self-discovery needed to form decisions about future educational goals. Students are given copies of their transcript in the spring so they can see how they are beginning to present themselves to colleges and make modifications to their study habits and performance based on what their goals are. Guidance reviews the basic standards needed for four college entrance so students are able to reflect upon themselves in comparison to state university standards.

The small group meetings with sophomores include having each student create and log in to their Collegeboard account, which is free following taking the PSAT in the fall. Once they create their profile students are able to access career interest surveys, specific information about various careers and college majors, and then complete college searches that allow each student to develop a comprehensive list of colleges they could apply to, including reach and safety schools. Students are also shows resources such as the government website for the US Department of Labor, which has data and statistics on projected job growth in certain fields as well as earning potential for specific jobs in selected regions.

Students also utilize online resources to research vocational options and programs that may be of interest to them if they are not considering 2 or 4 year college. Students are encouraged to Job Shadow for the day and to complete their community service hours in an organization that exposes them to possible career interests. Students are again given copies of their transcripts with updated GPA information as well as how this information can impact scheduling of their courses for the coming year.

Guidance also supports sophomores as they complete standardized testing, including testing needed for graduation as well as PSATs, which test college readiness. The guidance office also reviews students’ course selections and schedules, and then uses standardized testing to identify students that could possibly move up a level in a subject. Letters are sent home regarding AP Potential to each sophomore and junior taking the PSAT to help inform students and parents of students who may be successful in an Advanced Placement, or AP, course. This work allows Leicester students to access their potential and be most competitive applicant they can be as well as be the most prepared for college they can be.

Junior & Senior Year:

In Junior year, all students again complete PSAT testing in the fall. This is now available for all students at LHS. This allows students another opportunity to practice taking a nationally normed standardized, timed, non-reported test and gets them ready for SATs which they take in the Spring. Meetings with juniors are primarily done individually and in large group settings. Large groups meetings helps ensure students are aware of events coming up in the year that are time sensitive or have deadlines. This includes the College Fair and PSATs in the fall, SAT registration, College Night for Juniors, and scheduling day in the spring. Individual meetings focus on ensuring each student has given thought to their future plans and can identify a grouping of colleges they are looking to reach out to at the annual College Fair and then possibly visit in the spring. The guidance office annually releases the “College Admissions Guidebook” a comprehensive resource guide for juniors and their parents who are embarking on the college search process. This is available in guidance as well as at College Night for Juniors.

Meetings with Seniors are completed both in large group format as well as individual meetings. Large groups meetings, similar to juniors, helps ensure seniors are aware of events coming up in the year that are time sensitive or have deadlines. This includes registering for SATs, The College Fair and Financial Aid Night in the fall and scholarship applications and graduation activities in the spring. Individual meetings focus on students specific school goals and making sure they are prepared for their specific college application requirements, including standardized testing and writing supplements.

How to support your child’s College and Career exploration at home:

It is encouraged that ever student try to take the Career Exploration course offered at LHS if possible. This allows students to have a teacher guide them step-by-step through this process. If students are unable to take this then doing research, however in depth, in their free time can help students formulate and articulate a realistic and attainable post-graduate goal. Taking the time to do the research and self-introspection allows students to make informed decisions and can ensure their happiness with their decision on post-graduate plans, including college, military, vocational training, and the resulting jobs available following.

Guidance offers resources and shows students tools they can utilize to complete this self-discovery and self-analysis that allows them to make the informed decisions. Parents can support students by speaking with them about their goals, offering insight, and encouraging students to complete the self-interest surveys, engage in Job Shadowing, volunteer in an area of possible professional interest and taking them on college or institutional visits. These simple tasks can help students identify their strengths and interests and channel that in to a positive future.
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