Student Council

The Leicester High School Student Council is the voice of the students in our school. The members are here to address any problems or issues that students have and to help create a safe, respectful, and fun environment. The Student Council wants to make school as enjoyable as possible for everyone, so please feel free to ask or tell us about anything.

Right now the Student Council is looking great! With advisors Ms. Belhumeur and Ms. St. John, we are up for any challenge. We want to try some new things this year and are open to any new ideas. If you have any suggestions you would like to make, or if you would like to help out, feel free to speak with any Student Council member or advisor.

Requirements for Participation
  • Meet the minimum MIAA academic requirements for participating in extra curricular and co-curricular activities (sports, clubs, organizations, etc.). At Leicester, this means passing at least 3 out of 4 classes per semester.
  • Attendance at all regular S.C. meetings both during and after school. Regular meetings will be twice a month. These meetings will be announced and given to you in schedule form ahead of time. Special meetings will be necessary for certain events. Official membership does not begin until a student has attended four meetings. Members with more than three unexcused absenses will be put on probation. The next unexcused absence will result in the removal of that member from the Student Council.
  • Each S.C. member is obligated to do five (5) hours of community service per semester for a total of ten (10) hours per year. In order to get credit, the activity must be approved ahead of time by the advisor and the appropriate form must be submitted after the service hours are completed. "Double dipping" is not allowed. This means that you may not use hours submitted for another club or graduation requirements.
    The deadline for 1st semester is January 4th.
    The deadline for 2nd semester is May 5th.
  • Active involvement in the planning, organization, and execution of at least 4 Student Council events including, but not limited to:
    • Freshmen Elections
    • Halloween costume contest
    • Winter Carnival
    • Fundraisers (i.e. school store, computer raffle, volleyball tournament, etc.)
    • Spring Carnival
    • Olympic Foolery
    • Dollar Dance
    • Spring Elections
    • Pride Day (fall or spring)
    Please note that the size of a particular committee will depend on the event.
    Involvement in some aspect of the following events is required of all SC members and does not count toward the 4 additional events previously listed:
    • Homecoming Week
    • Talent Show
    • TV Raffle
  • Consistent and reliable communication with your class officers and your advisor(s).
    Academic expectation #2,3; Social expectation #1
  • A positive, supportive attitude toward your peers, your teachers, your school, and your community.
    Social expectation #3; Civic expectation #1,2
  • Consistent and complete attendence at school.
    Social expectation #1, 2
  • Compliance with all school rules and regulations. This means a disciplinary record with a minimum number of infractions (TBA).
    Social expectation #2
Student Council Advisors ~Ms. Belhumeur and Ms. St. John
School Store Advisor ~ Ms. Burak
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