Library/Media Center

Mission Statement
The Leicester High School Library Media Center functions as an integral part of the total education program. The goal of the Library Media Center program is to facilitate the realization of a quality education for each student. To reach this goal, the Library Media Center personnel seek to...
  • help students grow in techniques for acquiring information, knowledge, and skills conducive to life-long learning.
  • improve instruction and learning by serving as members of the instructional team.
  • provide and maintain a learning environment where materials and people are brought together so patrons will easily locate and use materials for academic and personal growth.
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  1. Staff and Student Outcomes
    Develop information finding, analyzing and problem-solving skills to support classroom investigations, encouraging users to become skilled creators of information and ideas.
  2. Staff and Students' Attitudes
    Cultivate appreciation for a variety of experiences, including literature and electronic resources.
  3. Management
    Establish and coordinate efficient systems to enhance the use of information resources.
  4. Leadership
    Provide leadership, instruction, and consulting assistance in the use of the leading edge instructional and information technology.
Procedure For Using Library
  1. The library is maintained so that students and staff have a quiet place for research, reference, and reading. During the school day, time is booked with the librarian by the classroom teacher for the class to do an assigned project. Individual student use of the library is only allowed during the weekly tutorial session. Students wishing to use the library during this time must obtain a tutorial pass from the librarian prior to reporting.

    The following rules have been established for use during the tutorial period and/or during afternoon hours:

    • Computers may be used when available. All terms of the technology contract apply.
    • Each student must have his/her own homework, research and reading to do for the entire time they are using the library.
    • Proper conduct is expected. For example; soft talking only when necessary, no disruptive actions, respect for others and the property of others.
  2. Borrowers are responsible for all library materials taken out. Students will be charged the monetary value of any books lost.
  3. Students having material overdue for two weeks or more may forfeit their library privileges until such items are returned.
  4. Books may be checked out for a period of two weeks. If the student would like to keep the book for another two weeks, he/she may do so unless another student is interested in checking it out. The librarian requests that periodicals and reference books not be checked out. All book that are to be checked out must be brought up to the front desk of the library to be scanned.
The library is open from 7:15 until 2:00, Monday through Thursday and 7:15 until 1:30 on Friday.
Copy Machine
Copy Machine is available for Students and Staff.  Please respect others work.

Online Resources
Search the Boston Globe
  1. Click Here:
  2. You will see a username login screen:
    • Enter your Username: cranberry
    • Enter your Password: cranberry
  3. Once you have entered the above Username and Password, select submit.
  4. You should now be offered the option to "Search the Boston Globe."
SIRS Knowledge Source
SIRS Researcher® via SIRS Knowledge Source is a general reference database with thousands of full text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political and global issues.
  1. Click here:
  2. You will see a username login screen:
    • Enter your Customer#: MA1814H
    • Enter your Password: 5771
  3. Once you have entered the above Customer# and Password, select Login.
  4. You should now be offered the option to "Access Your SIRS Database via SIRS Knowledge Source."
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