Course Levels

Leicester High School offers three academic course levels: college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement. College preparatory level courses form the basic curriculum of LHS.

Advanced Placement Level

Advanced Placement (AP) level courses follow the national AP curricula in preparation for the Advanced Placement subject tests administered in May. These national curricula are modeled on college-level coursework and frequently allow students, when they attend college, to receive college credit or exemption from basic college classes.

Honors Level

Students at the honors level follow a college preparatory level curriculum in greater depth and complexity and at a faster pace, and are expected to complete more independent work. Honors level courses develop the skills described in college preparatory level courses, while requiring students to be able to independently read scholarly and difficult texts for understanding, inference and context. Students analyze various texts and combine information from those texts with other information to reach new conclusions and formulate and defend positions. They become more organized and articulate presenters of information and willingly and consistently participate in class discussion.

College Preparatory Level

Students in college preparatory level courses learn to use analytical and critical thinking skills within a variety of content areas. They become problem-solvers and develop skills that enable them to read for comprehension, inference, and context. They develop the ability to articulate their thinking and reasoning. These courses prepare students to communicate verbally and in writing with organization and clarity.

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