Graduation Requirements

Leicester High School Program of Studies

English/Language Arts

4 Courses (20 credits)

English I, English II, English III, English IV or equivalent


4 Courses (20 credits)

Including the completion of Algebra II or equivalent. All students are required to take a math course during their senior year.


3 Courses of lab-based science (15 credits)

Coursework taken in technology/engineering may count for MassCore science credit.

History/Social Science

3 Courses (15 credits)

Including US History and World History.

Foreign Language

2 Courses (10 credits)

Of the same language.

Physical Education

2 Courses (5 credits) or 4 Courses (10 credits)*

*Four courses or their equivalent are required beginning with the class of 2020


1 Course 

Integrated Technology

1 Half-year Course (2.5 credits)

Fine Arts

1 Half-year Course (2.5 credits)

Required beginning with the class of 2020

Community Service

40 Hours (3 credits)

Additional Courses

6.5 Courses (32.5 credits)

Electives can be from any discipline.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Complete as many of the following as possible:

Advanced Placement (AP); Dual Enrollment courses taken for both high school and college credit; Virtual High School; Online courses; Internships.


Full year course =5 credits

Half year course= 2.5 credits

A total of 95.5 of the 133 credits must be earned in required courses. Other requirements may be established by the school administration in relation to the particular program, otherwise the additional credits needed for a graduation may be selected from among elective courses.

In order to be promoted from: 

Freshmen to Sophomore year- a minimum of 25 credits  
Sophomore to Junior year- a minimum of 60 credits
Junior to Senior year- a minimum of 95 credits
o graduate- a minimum of 130 credits plus 3 community service credits=133 credits to graduate


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